How To Make French Baguette/French Bread – Bánh Mì Baguette

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How To Make French Baguette/French Bread - Bánh Mì Baguette
Home made baguette/bread is so tasty, more nutritious and easier to make than you might think. This recipe make 3 large delicious crunchy, crispy baguettes.
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  1. * Ingredients are written in English & Vietnamese.
  2. * Nguyên liệu đước viets bằng Tiếng Anh & Tiếng Việt.
  3. Ingredients: Make 3 x 13" baguettes
  4. 3-1/4 cup (460-470 g) King Arthur unbleached All- purpose flour
  5. 1-1/2 tsp kosher salt
  6. 2-1/2 tsp of Active dry yeast
  7. 2 tsp sugar
  8. 1-1/4 cup luke warm water
  9. 2 Tbsp unsalted butter at room temperature
  10. Veg. oil for greasing the bowl
  11. 6 ice cubes for baking
  12. * FOR step by step YouTube Video tutorial, CLICK the Link at the bottom of the page.
  14. * I "Proof" my shaped dough rolls on the kitchen counter for 45- 60 mins or until it doubled it size.
  15. * Positioned your oven rack on the 2nd lower self.
  16. * Preheated oven to 475°F for at least 15-20 mins with a small tray on the bottom of the oven .
  17. * Make 3 splashes about 1 cm deep on top of each rolls, right when you preheating your oven.
  18. * Bake baguette for 25-27 mins.
  19. * Baking time is slightly different, depending on the temperature of your oven. You may need to bake your Baguettes a couple minute longer or shorter.
  20. ****************************************************************
Nguyên liệu cho 3 ổ bánh lớn
  1. 3-1/4 cup hay là 460 - 470 gr Bột mì King Arthur unbleached All- purpose flour
  2. 1-1/2 tsp muối (6.3 gr)
  3. 2-1/2 tsp men nở (11 gr) - Active dry yeast
  4. 2 tsp đường cát
  5. 1-1/4 cup nươc ấm
  6. 2 Mcanh bơ lạt
  7. Dầu ăn, 6 cục nước đá
  8. * XIN LƯU Ý: Khi đong đo nguyên liệu phải thật là chính xác.
  9. * Đặt vỉ nướng ở tần thấp số 2.
  10. * Tùy nhiệt độ mổi lò có thể nướng bánh ở 450°F hay là 475°F.
  11. * Phải làm nóng lò trước từ 15-20 phút và đặt vào lò 1 cái khay nhỏ.
  12. * Rạch 3 đường sâu khoảng 1cm lên mặt bánh. Ngay khi bạn mở lò nướng lên.
  13. * Nướng bánh khoảng từ 25-27 phút.*
  14. * Tùy nhiệt độ của mỗi lò khác nhau, bạn có thể nướng bánh mì lâu hơn hay là nhanh hơn thời gian của mình.
  15. * Nên ủ bánh nơi kín gió thì bánh không bị khô .
  16. * Mùa hè ủ bột thì nhanh hơn là mùa đông.
Adapted from Click here for YouTube video tutorial---Bấm vào đây xem video.
The Beth Kitchen
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  1. Trish Nguyen
    December 28, 2016

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for sharing your Vietnamese Baguette recipe. However, you didn’t show in detail how to successfully bake them. To get those beautifully baked baguettes, there’s NO WAY to bake them at either 450°F or 475°F for entirely 25 minutes. Baking temperatures are critical for Vietnamese Baguette. My understanding is that baguette needs steam in oven for optimal oven spring. How did you create steam in your oven? Is there any reasons why you didn’t show your oven when you placed the dough in it like you usually did in other recipes?
    Again, thank you for sharing your Vietnamese Baguette recipe, but I do believe your fans won’t be able to get the same results like yours.

    • The Beth Kitchen
      December 30, 2016

      Hi Trish, thank you for watching my video! There are many Vietnamese baguette recipes available out there and every recipe have its own unique way, just like how I show in my video. My baguette doesn’t need any steam when baking. Bake the baguette at 450 or 475°F for 20-23 mins and using a baguette pan, which is one of the reason my baguette looks so good. The only reason why I didn’t show the inside of my oven and cutting to show the inside of the bread is because this was one of my first YouTube video and I didn’t have enough experience of how to record or edit my video. There are many people successfully making this bread with my recipe. I’m not saying you will be successful with my Vietnamese baguette recipe in your first try. It’s took me so much time and effort to make one video and I do not plan to use that effort to make people fail. I do hope you will trust my honest effort of sharing with you my recipes.